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Myanmar Crisis Appeal


Thousands of families fleeing violence in Rakhine


More than 379,000 people have fled to Bangladesh since August this year due to violence. There are now more than 700,000 refugees in Bangladesh as well as an additional estimated 121,000 people in need of help within Rakhine, Myanmar.


Informal settlements and refugee camps are overflowing and people are living where they can; in makeshift tents, alongside highways and on the streets.


With violence continuing the humanitarian situation is likely to worsen.

Red Cross has launched a Myanmar Crisis Appeal and is doing everything it can to help people caught up in the violence on both sides of the border. We are offering first aid and medical care, organising emergency shelter, providing food and safe drinking water, and are working to establish safe spaces for women and children who may be vulnerable to abuse and exploitation.


We are helping to reconnect families who became separated as they fled, as well as help people learn the fate of their loved ones.


Families are struggling to survive in what are extremely dangerous and distressing circumstances.

Will you please help them by fundraising in your community or workplace? Register here.


Donations raised throughout your fundraising event will assist Red Cross in providing humanitarian support to people and communities affected by violence in Rakhine State, Myanmar, including those who have sought safety in neighbouring countries. That support may include:

  • emergency relief and recovery assistance such as food, water, sanitation, shelter and health initiatives
  • sending specialist aid workers to assist in assessment, relief, recovery and disaster and crisis management operations, as well as restoring family links
  • working in affected areas to strengthen local resilience and deliver relief and recovery services



*Should the funds raised exceed the amount required to meet the emergency needs of people in affected areas or if there are changes in circumstances beyond Red Cross' control, Red Cross will direct excess funds to responding to international crises and resilience.

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